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When a water disaster occurs, it can harm both your home and your valuables. In most cases, it happens when you least expect it. This is why you need to act quickly so that you can get relief from water damage with the help of a professional restoration company.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Water can cause extensive damage to your property. It causes destruction in so many distinct ways. When water damage occurs, you can't stay because it also causes other damage like mold and structural damage. You must consider mold removal, restoration, and reconstruction.

Why Choose Water Damage Restoratio

Benefits of Water Damage Restoration from Trujillo's Cleaning in Colorado Springs

At Trujillo's Cleaning Company, our certified project coordinators and technicians know what needs to be done to minimize water damage to the surfaces and structures at your home or office in Colorado. Our water damage restoration services involve implementing emergency water extraction techniques and the use of thorough drying and dehumidification tools before we address the need for water damage restoration.

Our crews adhere to the best industry practices and standards by using top-of-the-line sanitizing and anti-microbial products while providing sewage removal & cleanup serviceswater pipe break restoration servicesflood damage restoration services, and more. To get started, click here or dial 719-215-4141.

Mold Removal

We're Mold Removal Experts in Colorado Springs

In addition to property damage, mold is a leading cause of many illnesses, especially respiratory ailments. While mold has always existed and always will, it is definitely a hot-button topic in restoration.

With homes and buildings being built tighter and more energy-efficient, some properties may lack the proper ventilation to inhibit mold growth. Our crews can clean up and eliminate mold from your home with our top-notch mold remediation services.

Why Choose Trujillo’s Cleaning Company?

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In business since 1976. I have attended the Chuck Dewald Drying Academy, Dri Eaz Structural Drying class. IICRC Certified. Past president and past secretary of the 10 state region Professional Association of Cleaning and Restoration PACR. I have attended most trade shows in our industry for cleaning and restoration. We know how to remove odors from pets, tobacco, and marijuana. Our crews are proficient in removing most stains from carpets.

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Trujillo’s Cleaning Company has been operating in the Pueblo, Colorado, area for a number of years now. We recently expanded to the Colorado Springs area as well. As a cleaning company, we go above and beyond to handle your needs.

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When it comes to water damage restoration, we follow a very specific process geared toward giving you the best experience around. Our project coordinators work with the technicians to determine a plan of action for your situation.

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We can help with everything from water extraction in an emergency to drying and then restoring your home. Throughout the process, we regulate the moisture levels in the area and provide the highest-quality work.

Trust Us to Restore Water Damage in Colorado Springs & Pueblo

Water damage can come from any number of issues. The most common form of water damage comes from leaks and pipes. Leaky pipes can lead to dripping water that might cause more damage over time.

You might not even realize there is a leak until suddenly you have mold or a big water damage spot – or worse, the pipe breaks and leads to extensive damage and flooding. Pipes that are old and not well maintained can cause problems.

In Colorado, our winters get very cold. If your pipes are exposed or not properly insulated, you might have a burst pipe, which can lead to flooding damage as well.

Other causes of water damage in Colorado include flooding or water that makes its way in because of snow. If the snow gets too heavy on your roof and creates a snow dam, you could experience water damage in this area as well.

Some water damage is more extensive, and the professionals can help with any type of water damage restoration – big or small. Call us at 719-215-4141 or click here to get started today with a free estimate or a cleaning appointment at your property in Colorado.

How Does Water Damage Restoration Work?

No matter what caused your water damage, there are several steps to follow.

First, the water needs to be stopped. If you are not quite sure where the leak is coming from or you have a water emergency, you may need to shut off the water until you can identify and correct the issue. If you have a burst pipe, turn the water off as quickly as possible.

Before the water is turned back on in that area, you need to identify the water issue and get it fixed. This is typically handled by a plumber, but it’s an important part of the process.

Once the flow of water has stopped, start getting belongings out of the way. Furniture and valuables need to be moved away from the water. Of course, be sure to do so safely, especially if there is electricity in the area.

Once you get the immediate things moved, you can start removing the water. In some cases, you won’t have standing water. But if you do, that water has to go before any repairs and cleanup happen.

Removal can be done with fans and special equipment that helps to evacuate water from the space. Once you get the water out, start the drying process. Again, fans and airflow can be helpful here.

Once the water is dried, it’s time to inspect the damage. You need to use a water damage restoration company to help here. They can most likely also provide an estimate that includes what the damages are and what restoration is going to cost.

During the inspection, they will consider cleanup needs and possibly note any mold that could be a threat from the water as well.

Restoration Begins

When the details are sorted out, the restoration process can finally begin. Our teams work to restore the area to its original glory, and we want you to be happy with the results.

Water damage certainly is not something that people want to deal with. But when it happens, Trujillo’s Cleaning Company can help get your home back to its former glory.

The challenge with water damage is that it can lead to mold damage as well. When we check the damage, we also inspect for mold. If it is present, we will take the necessary steps to remove mold safely from the affected area.

Mold removal needs to be handled very carefully. If it’s not, the mold can spread and cause an even bigger mess. It’s also important to consider things like ventilation and containment during any mold removal process.

Our teams are trained to handle this. Let the experts help!

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The toilet leak affected the living room, two bedrooms, family room and laundry room. We brought in industrial drying fans and dehumidifiers to dry the affected area. We removed the affected drywall and flooring so they could begin the rebuilding p...

Colorado Springs, CO

Upon arrival, our crews pumped out the excess water and used dehumidifiers and industrial drying fans to completely dry the property. Once the water was completely gone, our crews returned the floor to its pre-damaged condition.

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They saved us when we had a flood in our basement. Great service- our basement was back to normal in 4 days.

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