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By definition, hoarding is a type of mental disorder. The condition can be treated by a doctor, but the mess created by a hoarder is something that only a restoration company can address because of the health and safety hazards involved to both humans and property. At Trujillo's Cleaning Company, our proven professionals are well-versed in how to handle hoarding clean-up and removal services for customers throughout our Colorado service area.

It is very important to consider the physical & mental safety of all involved parties during a hoarding cleanup, as well as the condition of the property being restored. Fortunately, our crews have decades of experience in addressing this task. When you need our help, dial 719-215-4141 or click here to schedule an appointment for hoarding cleanup services today at your property in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Fountain, Monument, Canon City, and other cities within our service area.

Hoarding is an Version of Clutter

Your Safe Hoarding Solution in Fountain

Hoarding and clutter are not the same. Most of our homes have clutter. We simply do not weed out unused items like old clothes and outdated electronic gadgets as frequently as we should when they are replaced.

However, hoarders take the accumulation of items to the extreme. Eventually, the hoarded items fill up every inch of available space at the property and it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, pests, and more. At Trujillo's, we remove hoarded items in a safe & caring manner, making sure to leave the hoarder with his or her dignity in place while the property is returned to a habitable place once again.

Hoarding Cleanup

Aspects of Hoarding Analyzed and Explained

Hoarding is a disorder. The disorder is described as difficulty with disposing of or parting with possessions. This difficulty is typically related to some sort of mental belief that makes an individual perceive that hoarded items are necessary to keep. Hoarded items are often organized into collections that are valuable to the hoarder but viewed as discardable by others. Common items hoarded include:

  • Newspapers
  • Old bottles or cans
  • Clothing
  • Food wrappers
  • Plastic bags
  • Boxes
  • Various trash Items

The Five Stages of Hoarding

Hoarding often has stages. As a result, the problem is not recognized or handled until it becomes out of control. However, it’s important to recognize that hoarding doesn’t just happen overnight. There are signs that lead to a hoarding mess. The best time to tackle a hoarding problem is when it starts to present itself. If you’re able to intervene by Stage 2, that is ideal. Of course, an intervention is much easier said than done. An informational look at the stages of hoarding:

Stage 1

Clutter starts to pile up here and there. At this point, the home starts to get messy but is typically still safe and probably relatively clean.

Stage 2

The clutter and hoarded possessions start to get out of hand. There might be limited pathways in the home, or perhaps certain rooms are starting to be overrun. Entries and exits become blocked and cleanliness starts to fail.

Stage 3

The home starts to become very limited. The clutter is taking over the home, denying access to many parts of the home and making rooms unusable or even inaccessible. Odors are likely presenting themselves from food and trash. Signs might be noticeable from the outside now.

Stage 4

The clutter begins to lead to infestations. This could include things like lice or fleas and other types of pests. If there are pets in the home, there is likely damage from those pets. Conditions are very unsafe to be in or reside in.

Stage 5

By this time, the home is completely overrun by hoarding. There are pests of all sizes, including rodents, and very little in the home is safely usable. There may be no functioning bathroom or utilities by this point and the home is not safe to navigate. It might even be inaccessible to most.

Why Choose Trujillo's for Hoarding Cleanup in Colorado Springs & Pueblo?

A hoarding issue should be addressed by a company with decades of experience in hoarding cleanup. At Trujillo's Cleaning Company, we meet that high standard of expertise in handling hoarding cleanup and restoration services. That allows us to keep your property safe during the restoration process. Important reasons that confirm the need for professional hoarding cleanup & removal services at your property include:

This situation is a biohazard. There is the possibility of human and pet waste in the midst of the hoarding materials. You have no idea what is in there, which means anyone going in should be suited up for biohazard safety.
This is not going to be an easy task. There is a lot and it all probably needs to be trashed. There are likely very few things that can be saved or salvaged. This is going to take a strategy and extensive time and work. The professionals know how to tackle it and have teams to do so.
Hoarding cleanup could be a physical safety issue. The piles and mounds that have to be cleaned up are not always stable or secure. Things can fall, smash, collapse, and more. These could potentially cause physical injury.
Confronting a hoarder and forcing cleanup is never easy. Their minds typically don’t grasp the danger. The cleanup is often painful for them. If you are in the midst of it, this could cause major relationship strains. Let a professional step in.

Choose Trujillo’s Cleaning Company for Professional Hoarding Solutions in Colorado Springs & Canon City

We’re here to help when you need hoarding cleanup services. Our teams have been handling this type of cleanup for decades and our technicians have the expertise and the equipment to safely and effectively conduct the cleanup & restoration process required in a hoarding situation. We’re here to help without removing the dignity of the hoarder. Give us a call to discuss your hoarding cleanup needs by dialing 719-215-4141. You can also click here to schedule hoarding services today at your property in Colorado.


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