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When Should You Have Mold Removal Done?

Dealing with mold can be a struggle for many homeowners. Whether it’s the leftovers of unexpected water damage or you’re facing major mold removal projects, you need to know what to do and when.

At what point do you hire someone for mold remediation or removal processes? There are times you might be able to tackle a very small issue yourself, but most of the time, a professional really is needed. Here are the things you need to consider to make your decision.

The Size of Mold Damage

First, take a look at how large the damaged areas are. Is it just a tiny spot of mold, or did you find a large space that is spreading? The industry recommendation is that anything over 10 square feet definitely needs the help of a professional.

However, you may not be comfortable handling even much smaller areas, so don’t be afraid to call the pros even for smaller tasks. The thing is that while what you can see might not appear that large, it’s possible you can’t see every inch of damage.

Type of Mold

Another important detail is the type of mold you might be facing. Let’s be honest, most people are not mold experts, and in many cases we have no idea what we are up against. But even knowing this might not be your area of expertise, you can identify when mold is present. You might be able to Google the pictures and try to diagnose the mold on your own.

However, it really takes a trained eye, and sometimes even testing to truly know what type of mold you are up against. While some mold can be completely harmless, there are also molds that can trigger allergic reactions, and other molds that are considered toxic.

Is it worth the risk to do it on your own?

Can You See It ALL?

Mold can be tricky to pinpoint. You might be able to see some spots of mold, but the real question is can you see it all? Mold contains very tiny spores, and they aren’t all visible. In fact, by the time you see the mold, it’s really a growing colony.

Before you try to tackle it DIY, ask yourself if you really know that you can see all the mold in order to remove all of it adequately.

And if you aren’t 100% certain that you truly see it ALL and can remove it all on your own, you probably should call someone in.

Use Trained, Certified Professionals for Mold Removal

When you reach the point of knowing it’s time to call someone for mold removal, be mindful of who you choose. It’s not a DIY project, but it’s also not just a simple handyman task, either.

Removing mold requires training and certification. It’s a delicate process with several safety elements involved. Look for a company that is certified and experienced, so that you know you will get the best service for your money.


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