Burst Pipe

Top Tips to Prevent Burst Pipes

One of the things you can almost always count on following a burst pipe is the need for water damage restoration. A burst pipe can quickly lead to major damage and water issues that you’re not going to want to ignore. While you can’t avoid every incident, there are some things you can do to help prevent the possibility of a burst pipe happening to you.

In this guide, we share some helpful tips that just might prevent you from experiencing a burst pipe. Use these tips to prepare and prevent, but also know what to do should a burst pipe happen in your space.

Prepare for Cold Weather

One of the most common causes of burst pipes is freezing temperatures. When a pipe freezes, the pressure behind the frozen space builds up until eventually the pipe can’t handle it and it bursts. If you live in an area that experiences frigid temperatures during the winter months, like we see in Colorado, you need to plan ahead.

Here are a few things you can do when the cold weather hits:

  • Insulate pipes, especially those in vulnerable areas
  • Use heat tape on pipes that are near exterior walls
  • Direct heat sources to pipes in vulnerable areas
  • Let the water trickle to keep it flowing, which reduces its ability to freeze

These small things might make a big difference. Pipe insulation is something you can do on your own. If you do use heat tape, just be aware this is something that should be done carefully and monitored. Follow safety guidelines.

Perform Inspections and Maintenance

The other common thing that leads to burst pipes is the lack of maintenance and repairs to pipes. From time to time, go ahead and inspect your pipes and plumbing. You can also hire someone to do this for you. You should look for places with leaks or cracks and any signs of disrepair or aging.

If you do find spots that are weak in the pipelines, you need to get repairs made. A pipeline that isn’t repaired or maintained could become weakened and lead to bigger problems, like a burst pipe.

Be Mindful of Blockages

If you suspect any kind of blockage in your pipeline, you’re going to want to act fast. A blockage won’t necessarily immediately halt the use of your pipes. And if you know you have a blockage, eventually it’s going to build up excessive pressure or lead to a backup.

If you have a blockage, you’re likely going to end up with burst pipes. You can be proactive here by not doing anything that will lead to a blockage, like pouring grease down the drain. In addition, if you see any signs of a blockage, get your pipes checked out.

Contact Trujillo’s Cleaning Company for Water Damage Restoration

If you do experience a burst pipe or any type of water damage issue, it is important to act quickly to minimize damage. We can help! Contact us today if you experience water damage or have old water damage that needs to be cleaned up and restored.


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