Top Signs of Water Damage

Top Signs of Water Damage in Colorado Springs

In most cases, when there is water damage, there will be noticeable signs that indicate there is a problem. However, there are times that the damage might not show up in a visible area right away.

There are things that you can watch for or be aware of to better understand whether you might have water damage. Read more below.

Musty or Damp Odors

If there is no physical damage that you can see, one indicator you can use is the presence of an odor. If you’re noticing whiffs of things like mustiness or perhaps dampness, this could be a sign that water is lurking somewhere it shouldn’t be.

This is a pretty noticeable smell, and you will likely recognize it if you come across it. Should you smell this type of odor but don’t see any damage, you might want to investigate further to determine whether there might be hidden damage.


Perhaps one of the most noticeable signs of water damage is discoloration. This could include spots that are darkening or looking wet, as well as the area turning strange colors.

The watermark effect is often visible and obvious to the naked eye. Don’t shrug this off, as it could be an indicator of an active leak. The longer that you leave it unrepaired, the more damage can occur.

Bubbles, Cracks, Flakes, and More

If you’re noticing places in your drywall or ceilings that look like they are bubbling, peeling, or cracking, this could be from water. The water or moisture will cause a reaction to the materials, which then becomes visible.

Your walls and other areas of your house really shouldn’t be bubbling or flaking unless they have been exposed to some sort of element that led to it. This could be extreme heat, Mother Nature, and some other things, but it also most definitely can be water.

Take precautions and find out for sure.

Moldy Business

If you see mold anywhere throughout your home or business, this means you likely have water damage as well. Mold typically grows after water has been present. While it only requires moisture and heat to thrive, the most likely source is when water has left behind traces.

Mold is a sign that you have damage. Even if it doesn’t stem from water, you should consider getting the mold remediated and removed.

Get Professional Water Damage Restoration in Colorado Springs

When you experience water damage in your home or business, you should plan to bring in a professional to restore the space. Most professionals have 24/7 service to help with emergencies.

Give Trujillo’s Cleaning Company a call. Our business just recently expanded to the Colorado Springs area, and we have many years of cleaning and restoration experience on the books. Let us know how we can help with your needs!


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