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Sewage Backing Up? Don’t Clean It Up On Your Own

There are messes that we have to clean up in our homes all the time, but there is a difference between just an everyday mess and a sewage backup mess. If you’re facing a sewage backup in Colorado Springs, the best thing you can do is hire a sewage cleanup and restoration crew to come in and help.

There are several steps to follow when an incident like this occurs. While you can try to be safe and clean it up on your own, it’s far better to just call in the professionals. They have equipment and training for this kind of situation.

Steps to Take After a Sewage Backup in Colorado Springs

Sewage can carry with it any number of harmful pathogens, viruses, and bacteria. Even when it’s coming from the lines in your own home, it’s simply not worth the risk of getting in there and exposing anyone from the household. This includes your pets.

We know some people will choose to take it on themselves, despite the risks. While we recommend calling the professionals, these steps can help anyone who is dealing with a sewage backup:

  • Make sure no people or animals are accessing the affected area
  • Ensure no electrical, water, or gas lines are affected, and take steps to turn them off if they are. 
  • Don’t enter the space unprotected – wear rubber gloves, rubber boots, and eye protection. Decontaminate all of these items when leaving. 
  • Open windows for ventilation.
  • Use bleach for disinfection and pour bleach in standing water if there is any.
  • Contact your insurance company and notify them of a sewage backup. You may have coverage to start a claim. 
  • Handle the cleanup before worrying about the drain at this point. 

Cleaning Up Sewage Backup

When it comes to cleaning up the mess of a sewage backup, there are several details to consider. The first is contamination and protecting yourself, as well as anyone else helping with cleanup. The second is ensuring that everything is properly disinfected and sanitized following cleanup.

This is going to be a challenging task, and it comes with risks. This is why using a professional is recommended. At the very least, ensure you are wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment:

  • Rubber boots
  • Rubber gloves
  • Eyewear
  • Face mask

And these items will need to be properly disinfected or disposed of as well. Ensure you aren’t tracking anything out.

On top of the sewer damage, you will likely also be facing water damage.

Call Trujillo’s Cleaning Company to Aid in Sewage Cleanup in Colorado Springs

Dealing with sewage backup is a mess and there are risks to be aware of. Bringing in the professionals means you get a team that is trained and has all the proper equipment to safely and effectively handle the mess.

Trujillo’s Cleaning Company can help take care of your cleanup needs, including handling the water damage. Contact us today for services in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas.


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