Professional Grout & Tile Cleaning

Professional Grout & Tile Cleaning vs. DIY

Cleaning processes in our home are often far different from hiring professional cleaners. Many times, we hire professionals when we need a deeper clean or simply don’t have the time to clean ourselves.

But is it really worth the cost to have professional tile and grout cleaning, or can you accomplish the same with DIY methods?

DIY Tile and Grout Cleaning

When you use a DIY cleaning process, you typically are just touching the surface of your tile and grout. Depending on how you clean, you may not be getting everything cleaned, and you likely aren’t getting a deep clean.

It’s also possible that some cleaning processes will actually lead to issues or dirtiness that you simply can’t see with the naked eye. If you’re leaving puddles or excess water on the surface of your tiles, this can lead to mold or mildew that you can’t see.

There are some really great DIY processes that help with stains and cleaning, but the intention behind these is to get a surface-level clean. They’re a temporary solution that keep your floors clean from day to day.

Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning

When you look at professional tile and grout cleaning in comparison, the primary difference is that professional cleaning is meant to provide a deeper clean for you.

For tile floors, the cleaning process helps to get the surface exceptionally clean and sanitized, but it can also help clean beneath the surface as well. What sets professional cleaning apart from your own processes?

Here are a few factors:

  • Professional equipment
  • Specialized cleaning products with chemical neutralization
  • Trained to clean quickly and efficiently

It’s up to you how often you use professional cleaning services, but you will likely notice a visible difference after it’s done.

When to Use Professional Cleaning vs. DIY

You should use your DIY cleaning processes in between deep professional cleanings. One is not necessarily better than the other; professional cleaning simply provides a deeper clean and is done less frequently.

You should clean your tile and grout floors regularly on your own with things like sweeping and mopping. You can even make DIY pastes to help keep your grout from staining or discoloration.

In general, the industry recommendation is to have your floors professionally cleaned about twice a year. You can do more often or less often if you feel like that is the best fit for your home or business.

Let Trujillo’s Cleaning Company Clean Your Tile Floors

Trujillo’s Cleaning Company proudly serves the Pueblo and Colorado Springs areas. Our teams have several years of experience in the cleaning industry, and we’re here to help!

If your tile and grout cleaning needs a refresh, give us a call. Let us help get your floors looking great again. It’s worth the refresh, and it might just make your floors look brand-new.


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