Safe to Be Around Smoke Damage

Is It Safe to Be Around Smoke Damage?

We often think that once the fire is put out and the all-clear is given for entry to a facility, that the immediate danger has passed. While that might be true to some extent, it’s important to recognize that the smoke damage left behind can still pose significant risks to any person entering the space.

Is it safe to be around smoke damage? The answer is “it depends.” But in most cases, certain precautions should be taken.

Risks of Smoke or Fire Damage

Smoke damage most often comes from fires, but it might also come from years of smoking in a home or other building. Either way, there are elements within that space that could negatively affect the health of anyone who enters it.

For example, you’re probably familiar with secondhand smoke. This is someone directly in the area that is breathing in fresh smoke, although they aren’t the one smoking. But then, there is also thirdhand smoke.

Thirdhand smoke refers to the chemicals that might be in the smoke, including any type of pollutants or chemicals. But it’s not just when you’re around the fresh smoke. Instead, this is smoke or chemicals that settle into the surfaces around the smoke and take root. It can cause hazards to other people who don’t even realize they’re being exposed to something until after the fact.

These are some of the other risks of being exposed to smoke:

  • When a fire has occurred, there could be minuscule particles of asbestos that were released
  • Hundreds of chemicals could be produced from anything the fire burned
  • Smoke leaves behind toxic smoke particles

These details can be applied to any type of smoke damage. The chemicals and the toxins that are left behind could be detrimental to your health if you aren’t properly equipped.

Health Risks to Be Aware Of

Many of these health risks come from unexpected exposure to something that was damaged by smoke or fire. Just as secondhand smoke from cigarettes is bad for you, so is the aftermath of smoke damage, and that’s actually more substantial.

When entering affected locations, you should wear proper breathing gear, and you certainly shouldn’t just be hanging out or living in a damaged space.

You could potentially face irritants to your skin from various contacts, as well as breathing and health implications from the contaminated air. There is also a risk of carbon monoxide to be aware of.

Ideally, this property needs to be properly cleaned, sanitized, and restored before you spend time there.

Hire Professionals to Repair Smoke Damages

Handling smoke damage is really not a DIY task. You need to work with a professional restoration company that can come in, clean up the mess, help sanitize and disinfect, and restore the space to make it safe again.

The risk involved to your health is simply not worth it. Contact Trujillo’s Cleaning Company today for your smoke restoration needs.


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