How to Choose a Water Damage Restoration Company

Dealing with water damage is hard enough without having to figure out who can help you. When you need water damage restoration, you need a company that you can trust to do great work in your home.

Check out these simple tips for choosing a company to help you with your cleaning and restoration needs.

Experience Counts

Dealing with water damage is not a typical remodeling gig. You need to determine the extent of the issue, assess for mold, and then clean up and repair what could be extensive damage.

For most companies, the goal is to restore the space to what it looked like before the damage occurred. What makes it more challenging is that there are different aspects to consider, and it’s important to get all of the damage restored and mitigate mold.

Choosing a company that has experience working with this type of situation is essential. It helps you rest assured that the work they do will be of great quality.

Referrals & Word of Mouth

One thing that you can do to choose a restoration company is to look for what others recommend. A quick internet search will likely show some local companies. Just be sure that you check for testimonials and customer reviews. Read the details to get a feel for their work.

You can also ask people you know for referrals. When you ask someone you know, they will give you real and honest feedback.

Response Time

When you have water damage, the last thing you want to deal with is waiting two months for the company to even come look at the damage. That’s a no-go! Instead, you should be seen almost immediately if at all possible. In fact, we offer a 24/7 emergency response for your water damage needs. Many other companies offer the same.

Water damage should be handled quickly. The longer it sits, the more likely you are to have to deal with mold and other potential bacteria.

Customer Service

Finally, the way that a company treats its customers is essential. If you aren’t treated with respect, you want to move on. Companies that understand the value of their customers will make it known from the beginning. A positive experience is what you deserve.

After all, you’re helping to provide a paycheck for that company and its employees. You should be kind to them as well, but their customer service says a lot about them.

Water Damage Restoration

When you or someone you know is in need of water damage restoration, Trujillo’s Cleaning Company is here to tackle the damage! We’ve been serving the Pueblo, Colorado, area for many years and have recently expanded into Colorado Springs. Give us a call. We’re happy to help!


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