How Does Smoke Damage

How Does Smoke Damage in Colorado Springs Affect Your Home and Belongings?

When people think about smoke damage, they often relate it to a fire. Most of the time, what they picture is just the odors or the black and gray soot residue. But the fact is that smoke damage can go much deeper and affect more than just the surface or what you smell in that room.

Take a look at this simple guide that walks you through how smoke can affect your home and your belongings in Colorado Springs and Pueblo.

What is Affected by Smoke Damage in the Home?

When smoke damages your home, it reaches everything. Since this is a gas substance, it has the ability to penetrate every type of surface and find its way into porous surfaces too. It’s far more than just odor, and it leaves behind damage that can be very challenging to clean up unless you have the right skills and equipment.

These are some of the ways it can affect your home.

Upholstery, Curtains, and Furniture

Anything in your home that is used for furniture or thick materials can soak up smoke and hold it in the deep recesses. This can include things like your couch, curtains, mattresses, chairs, and more. If you have rugs or carpets, they can be lumped into this category.

The material is thick and many of these things have deep layers. Vacuuming alone is not the solution. The smoke particles have worked their way down and a vacuum won’t pull them out.

Clothing and Similar Materials

Washing the laundry in your regular washing machine won’t usually be enough to get the smoke odors out. The residue on them is stronger than a typical wash can cover. However, you can likely pair a commercial unit with commercial detergent and tackle them that way.

Wood Materials

Whether you have wood floors, wood furniture, or wood around the home, all of these are porous surfaces that can hold smoke particles inside. Smoke weaves its way in and penetrates, making it hard to clean these surfaces without ruining them.

Health Risks

On top of damaging items throughout your home and even the structure of the home, health could be a concern from smoke damage.

When you inhale smoke particles, your lungs hold onto them. This can lead to asthma and other respiratory issues. In addition, smoke particles could irritate your skin or even lead to side effects similar to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Smoke Damage in Colorado Springs or Pueblo?

If you’re dealing with smoke damage, it takes trained professionals and specialized equipment to really help clean it up. Trujillo’s Cleaning Company has a professional approach that seeks to conquer smoke damage from the particles that caused it. We reach beneath the surface to really clean up the mess.

Our teams are highly trained, and our customers are very important to us. Contact us today if you need help with damage from smoke-related issues. We can help.


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