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4 Things to Know About Your Air Ducts

Our air ducts are responsible for transporting air throughout our homes and businesses. And while we have filters in place to help capture some of the debris and other nasty things, those can still be limited in what they can do. In Colorado Springs, having air duct cleaning performed on occasion is an important thing to consider.

If you’re not convinced, take a look at these 4 things you probably didn’t know about your air ducts.

1. Dust, Dust, and More Dust

Your air duct system accumulates dust just like every other area of your home. And while you might not be dusting daily or even weekly, you are likely dusting most parts of your home on occasion.

Now, think about the dust in your home and how quickly it adds up. We all get tired of dusting and put it off longer than we should most of the time. But when was the last time you “dusted” your air ducts?

Did you know that a single home can accumulate more than 40 pounds of dust every year? That includes both inside and outside your air ducts.

2. There’s Feces in There

With all that dust comes dust mites. Dust mites themselves are not necessarily harmful, and they likely won’t bother you visibly. But they can cause allergy and asthma issues for people within the home.

Dust mites will most certainly be taking up residence inside of your air duct systems. And since they are living there, they are also defecating there. This means that dust mite families, and all of their waste, are part of the air that you’re breathing.

3. Dust Can Harm Your System Over Time

Dust is a nuisance and sometimes an allergen or asthma trigger, but it can also harm your HVAC system too. Did you know that almost all system failures are directly related to dust buildup within the system?

This accounts for nearly 90% of system issues, and a deep cleaning of the unit and the ducts will make a substantial difference. You can also be proactive with routine cleanings to avoid these issues.

4. Pollution in Homes is Substantial

What many of us don’t realize is that our homes are loaded with pollution. We often hear of pollution control and moderation for big corporations and big cities, but what about our homes?

Some homes contain up to 70 times more pollution than the air that is found outside of the home, which is a huge number!

Air Duct Cleaning in Colorado Springs Improves Your Air and Your Systems

Take advantage of air duct cleaning services in Colorado Springs to help prevent many of these issues from affecting your home and your health. The EPA recommends cleaning air ducts “as needed.” Most professionals recommend every 2-4 years, or more frequently if you prefer.

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