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3 Signs It’s Time to Clean the Air Ducts

Having your air ducts cleaned on occasion is important for every household. But how can you know it’s time for air duct cleaning in your Pueblo home? You can schedule having your air ducts cleaned on a routine basis, or you can watch for the signs that it’s time. The EPA even provides some guidelines that might be helpful in determining when cleaning is needed.

Check out these 3 signs that it’s time to clean the air ducts in your home.

How Often to Clean Air Ducts

When you look at recommendations for when to clean the air ducts, you see some variables. Most professionals recommend cleaning your air ducts every 2-3 years, or more frequently if you experience issues. The EPA recommends cleaning your air ducts as needed, but doesn’t offer any specific guidelines as to how often. You simply look for the signs.

It’s a good idea to be familiar with those signs so that you know when to take action.

Excessive Dust

Are you dusting and getting frustrated when it seems like surfaces are dusty again almost immediately? This could mean you need to clean the air ducts. When the air ducts are dirty and dusty, they filter that dust back into the air. That could be why those shelves you just dusted yesterday are already dirty again.

It’s not that you’re doing something wrong or dusting incorrectly. It’s simply that the HVAC system is blowing dust back onto your surfaces. Get them cleaned and see if it makes a difference!

System Not Working Efficiently

Heating and cooling bills are on the rise, but you can watch for an unusual spike in your energy costs. Is it steadily going up each month with no real change in weather or seasons? Does your latest bill seem extra high for the weather you’ve been experiencing?

Energy costs that are rising without explanation or raised rates could be an indicator that your ducts need to be cleaned. The dirty ducts are making it harder for your system to efficiently do what it needs to do.

Mold Growth

One of the top reasons to have your ducts cleaned is mold growth. If you can see mold growth in the systems or near any vents, you need to get that taken care of. It’s also possible that there is mold growth within the ducts that you can’t see. Most of the time, someone experiences allergies or other side effects when this is the case.

Mold growth can be hazardous, so don’t take the risk of issues when there is the possibility of mold. In some cases, you may even need replacement or repairs for mold issues.

Call Trujillo’s Cleaning Company for Air Duct Cleaning in Pueblo

If it’s been a long time since the air ducts have been cleaned or you’re noticing any of these signs, it’s time to schedule a cleaning. You may also notice things like pests, or want to be proactive if you’ve recently had any remodeling or renovations completed as well.

Trujillo’s Cleaning Company can take care of your air ducts and help you breathe clean air again. Contact us to get scheduled.


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